Goal of this new development is to give customer the possibility to save their cost, investment! 
This product is suitable for the existing terminals, and inserting systems. 
Total solution for electrical circuits protection, by using this new HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse) 
designed and patented by Glorytech.
To save more space, to save more cost by using this new innovation HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse)
do not need extra clip, block, holder and other accessories, one HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse) solve 
all circuit protection requirement.
By Selecting HOLDER-FUSE ( ezFuse):
.To protect components, equipment and associated wiring from costly damage.
.To isolate sub-systems from the main system once a current fault has occurred.
.The durable plastic body will not chip or crack while in normal service and will even withstand considerable mechanical 
Advantage of HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse):
.Insulating body able to withstand internal presure.
.Insulating body with shock protection.
.Prevent electrical arc movement.
.Special silver alloy element cools the electrical arc.
.Terminals are easy to install into wiring harness and connected to female 
terminals directly.
.To save investment by using HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse), one HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse) can 
replace traditional fuse directly and need not to add additional clips, block, holder ...
.HOLDER-FUSE (ezFuse) conforms to SAE J553C standard.
.Worldwide patented.
Introduction Of ezFuse